Better Lighting for Better Efficiency

Better Lighting for Better Efficiency

Leave your LED light conversion to our industrial electricians in Billings, MT

Putting new light bulbs in old fixtures won't make your business any more energy efficient. In fact, it can lead to electrical shortages or blowouts in your light fixtures.

AEI Electric in Billings, MT can handle your lighting upgrade like a pro and leave you with brighter, more efficient lighting throughout your facility. Our industrial electricians can switch out old lights, install new fixtures and ensure your wiring is up to code for your new LED lights.

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Modern lighting is a bright idea

Fluorescent and incandescent lighting are both expensive and outdated. Because it takes so much electrical output to power fluorescent lighting, many local businesses are making the switch to modern, LED lighting.

When you're ready to upgrade your lighting standards, rely on AEI Electric for LED lighting retrofit and installation services. We'll rewire your entire building to fit LED lighting so you get the bright, affordable and low-maintenance lighting your business needs.

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